All About Knitted-Ties

Knitted-ties, also known as scarf tie, is an informal necktie which is worn either a business casual outfit or formal wear, when worn with casual dress shirt or plain necktie, when worn with a suit or tuxedo. It can also be worn with other casual wear like a plain white cotton shirt, trousers and leather jacket are also suitable for men. The length of knitted-ties is usually between the wrist and the ankle. In the earlier times, tie was knotted at one end; but in today's world, it is usually machine cut to create a fashionable look and to create a good style. The material of knitted-ties may be cotton, silk, jute, Merino wool, polyester, rayon, nylon and seersucker.For the best material click here to get more info.


Some common knitted ties designs are discussed below -

Silk knitted-ties can be considered quite classy and are popular worldwide. The texture and the cut of silk material give a sophisticated look and it is worn by many top-notch global celebrities, politicians, corporate honchos, celebrities and corporate employees as well as the common man. Silk necktie looks different on the wearer's body and so it is not suitable for all. Silk material is heavy, so it is not easy to wear and it takes some time to iron after wearing. And so it cannot be worn during summer season.

Jute knitted-ties are very light in weight and have a very natural look. Jute material has similar texture as cotton and its light brown color gives a cool and relaxing effect. Jute necktie is very light in weight and can easily be teamed up with any kind of necktie.


Jute ties look very fashionable and are worn by both the sexes. A plain necktie is worn in the office and at formal functions. But sometimes you need something to wear casually. Woven polyester fabric ties can be used as an alternative to cotton necktie or silk ties. Polyester material is very light, comfortable and lasts long. They are also stylish and can be paired up with any type of garment.As we mentioned earlier, necktie plays an important role in men's fashion world. So many manufacturers are making knitted-ties with the latest patterns and colors. These knitted-ties are available in a number of materials like rayon, silk, jute, cotton and even linen. Men of any age can wear these necktie and are available in a variety of colors so you can choose one according to your style and liking.Visit here for more information:

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